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How can a human being withstand the high-G maneuvers that UFO craft can perform?

The occupants of the UFO are shielded from gravitational forces.

As explained by the genius Henry Wallace, in his patent for Generating a

Secondary Gravitational Force Field (See Volume II, Electrogravitics):

    "By properly configuring the undulating kinemassic field, the resultant secondary gravitational field may be essentially restrained to or confined within an enclosed space. Although numerous specific geometric configurations may be proposed, the necessary conditions are established in the preferred embodiment of the present invention by enclosing the kinemassic field generating apparatus, including the rotational members and at least a portion of the stationary member thereof, within an enclosure, the material portions of which obey the rules concerning kinemassic permeability.
    The kinemassic field when so configured, will shield the enclosed space both with respect to the secondary gravitational field induced therein and with respect to the ambient gravitational field caused by the earth and other cosmic bodies, existing externally of the shielded space.
    The undulating kinemassic field, which gives rise to the enclosed secondary undulating gravitational field, is effective in reducing the quantity of flux lines within the space surrounded by the undulating kinemassic field contributed by the ambient gravitational field, thus reducing the mutual force of gravitational attraction acting between this structure and the earth or other cosmic bodies dependent upon their relative contribution to the local gravitational flux density."


Wallace defines "kinemassic" as follows:

"The initial evidence indicates that this nonelectromagnetic field is generated as a result of the relative motion of bodies constituted of elements whose nuclei are characterized by half integral 'spin' values, the spin of the nuclei being associated with the net angular momentum of the nucleons thereof. The nucleons in turn comprise the elemental particles of the nucleus; i.e., the neutrons and protons. For purposes of the present invention the field, generated by the relative motion of materials characterized by a half integral spin value, is referred to as a 'kinemassic' force field."

For a lay person explanation of the above, watch the two-part video here.




Can an ordinary person with some electronic and mechanic ability build most of the projects shown in the patents in your books?

I believe so.  Where the science gets esoteric, it may be necessary to consult with experts (advisable to be safe) to get from good performance to great, but the equations are there to spell matters out.  I define the ordinary person as someone who has taken metal shop in school, has worked with ceramics (yup, arts and crafts experience), and can replace electrical components in an automotive vehicle without short circuiting the vehicle or electrocuting themselves.  If you have that experience, you should be good to go.



Are the patents shown clearly and well explained?

In my opinion, yes.  You are more likely to suffer data overload than shortage.  I put these books together as my personal encyclopedia/reference set, because so far this material has never been made publicly available as a compendium.  I put together these books to be the books that I have always wanted to own, but could never find; the science and instructionals for building UFOs.




Why you don't make any of the suggested products first and then sell the books?

My books are a public disclosure of the plans that I intend to use, and of my intentions on the craft that I intend to build. Every person who purchases a book makes an indirect contribution to the fund to make this 'dream' a reality.  A Trust has been established to show and fully disclose the construction of one o f these craft.  You can make a direct tax deductible contribution here



What would be the cost to build my own?

Costs will vary according to type. 

First must be determined the primary propulsion system, followed by back-up systems.

1) Electrogravitic
2) Air Foil
3) Plasma thrust
4) Magnetohydrodynamic
5) Fusion, fission or anti-matter

6) Inertial propulsion

Costs will vary depending on design factors, availability of materials in your area, what fabrication requirements will be outsourced...



How big are they? (One, Two, Four Passenger?)

Sizes are limited only by the designs of the builder.  What size would you choose?



Would they be difficult to build at home?

That answer depends entirely on the skills and machining facilities available to the individual builder.




 Do you provide consultation services to build?

No.  I am not an engineer, machinist, nor metal-worker. 




Do you offer any construction tips?

No.  At the Trust webpage we will show the techniques used to fabricate the test craft.  Information will be provided as to the method and materials used, but no “advice” will be given, only observations on the construction as it occurs.  There are severe safety issues involved with the building of these craft.  And as such there are severe liability issues involved with the giving of advice.  The technology to build UFO craft involves high voltages, high temperatures, and/or high-speed rotations that are potentially dangerous to life and property.  If you are not familiar with the safe practices involved in working with such methods, materials, and circumstances, then you should not attempt such construction without assembling a qualified, licensed, insured, and bonded team of professionals with such experience.  Safety First!



Are the materials listed in the patents available for purchase at hardware and electronic supply stores?

A lesser percentage will be.  Expect to be doing some machining and crafting, like a boatyard.  The larger the craft, the greater the amount of custom work that will need to be machined.



 What about the Meissner Effect?

Superconductors in the superconductive state reflect magnetic fields.  This magnetic-field reflecting  property is called diamagnetism.  Alleged "antigravity" displays showing a near frozen superconductor floating above a magnet is effectively the same kind of demonstration as floating a magnet atop another magnet. 

Think of normal magnetism as being at the center of the 'magnetism graph.'  Far off to the left, magnetism is destroyed when heated too far (i.e. The magnet has reached its Curie Point).  Far off to the right, magnetism is again altered by heat, this time the lack of heat causes the superconducting diamagnetism. The molecules in the superconductor slow down so much in the cold that they now reflect magnetic fields.  The magnet is attracted to the superconductor, but the magnetic field is simultaneously reflected upon itself.  Neither the magnet, nor the superconductor, can float independently of the other.

The Meissner Effect is not the electrogravitic propulsion system.



What about Lifter technology? 

Don’t confuse “lifter technology” with electrogravitic propulsion.  That’s like confusing a hot-air balloon with a surface-to-air missile. 

 "Lifter technology is the newborn baby brother of the electrogravitic principle."  Lifter technology is harnessing electrostatic potentials (static electricity).

And unfortunately, re-inventing the wheel.  See "The Basics" or Volume II Electrogravitics" to learn how the lifter principle has been explored and developed into the science of electrogravitic propulsion.

 Comparing lifter technology to electrogravitics is like comparing a firecracker to an atomic bomb.

Don't get me wrong, all the backyard researchers experimenting with lifter technology deserve to be applauded.  They also deserve to be shown how this technology is over 100 years old, how it has developed into the electrogravitic propulsion systems, and what public domain knowledge has been "forgotten" that can help them accelerate the public's advance into the "UFO" age. 



Why did you title the book series UFO How-To?  Isn't that incomplete?

No. I titled it "UFO How-To" because a title like "DIY UFO" would have been implying that you could go to the hardware store and buy parts off the shelf to snap together like it was a kitchen remodel or engine rebuild. Not the case.

"How-To" is an indication of general knowledge. The "UFO How-To" series is an encyclopedic chronicling of the UFO inventors and the 6 main subcategories of UFO propulsion systems that their inventions are categorized under, as recorded by the patent office.

That's why the books are titled and organized the way they are. So that people can benefit from the time and effort I've put into finding, organizing, and presenting the replicable evidence.


But what about the aliens?

Ultimately people want to know the answers to these two questions:

1) Do we possess UFO crafts/technology?

2) If not, are they extra-terrestrial?

In the UFO How-To" series, I answer the first question with a "YES."

In the pages of the UFO How-To" series, I relate the inventors and their inventions
that explain how to build craft that do exactly what people are seeing, photographing, and video recording.

You want to know how a craft can be a glowing ball of light that's invisible to radar? The answer is in the books, was patented clearly and openly in the 1960's, and you can replicate it too.

Do you want to understand the technology patented in 1971 that creates a field that nullifies gravity and inertia for craft pilots? The answer is in the books and you can replicate it too.

Do you want to understand the technology patented in the 1920's (and up, over and over) that can make a wingless craft fly under the power and direct effect of high voltages of electricity directly interfacing with its hull? The answer is in the books and you can replicate it too.

I do not address the second question in my books at all. I am not a debunker. I do not write about aliens, I leave the topic arena at the propulsion systems; that we possess the technology and are capable of building these craft.

None of these books are threatening your belief in aliens.

Not I, nor anyone who works with me is challenging the existence of extra-terrestrial life. I do not address that topic in these books. These books are about UFO technology that you can replicate, because even though they look other-worldly, 6500+ pages of that evidence was provided by people from this planet.




What do you think of the growing body of ancient UFO evidence that shows up in ancient religious texts and artwork?

The whole ancient alien-divinity thing is a little beyond the scope of my books.  Other authors have written about that, and I know that the Vimana craft "blueprints" are available online.

I would love to see the human race move into a future that involved a galactic or cosmic society. 
I want to make such knowledge available, that the enterprising know where to look, to build their own crafts, lives, and futures. 



On the main page, you talk about "the next great economic expansion." 

What are you talking about?

Space tourism.  Honeymoon cruises around the outer giants.  Mining the asteroids in the asteroid belt.

Oil prospecting in the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.  Shooting galleries in the Kuiper Belt. 

I'm talking about the next wave of financial prosperity that has opened up to the average person.

No longer is "the final frontier" something that only national space agencies and billionaires can capitalize on.




Would they be legal to fly?

Depending on what country and state/province that you are in, there more than likely exists a governmental department that can provide you the necessary documentation to insure the legality of your craft and flight plans.  In the State of Washington, RCW 47.68 et seq., covers the laws that would govern the lawful construction, licensing, and use of your craft.  It will also be necessary to comply with federal regulations.



 Is interplanetary travel a possibility with these technologies?

Absolutely.  The opening patent in Volume III, "Plasma Propulsion", a 1950's patent has a thrust 60 times more powerful than conventional rockets.  One of the patents in the second volume, "Electrogravitics", has initial velocity calculated by one researcher to be in excess of 25,000 mph.  T. Townsend Brown, in many ways the father of electrogravitics, believed that electrogravitic propulsion in a vacuum could exceed light speed.



How do you protect humans from the harshness of space, like cosmic radiation, magnetic belts of planets, etc.?

A magnetohydrodynamic plasma shell generated by the craft would, in theory, insulate against harmful cosmic radiation. Such a plasma shell is generated by the craft in the first patent in Volume IV "Magnetohydrodynamics."  This is one method. 



 So why don't more people know about this stuff?

There are a number of different theories that people have as to why the knowledge of these inventions hasn't been made commonplace. I defer to ancient Roman wisdom. "Qui bono?" would be asked, to determine who was most likely responsible for a wrong-doing.  "Who benefits?"  In this case, who benefits from the suppression of technology that would force airlines, trans-oceanic shipping, and gasoline powered vehicle manufacturers to re-design their systems?




 I've heard you say that patents require working prototypes, but my friend says that's not true.  What gives?


See United States Code Title 35 Section 114, and see that models may be required before a patent is granted.  And in every UFO patent that makes apparently "unbelievable" claims that I have followed up on, the patent applicants have been required to show working prototypes.



The question has also been raised about the claims of the “ten thousand mile per gallon carburetor.”  So I quote directly from Shell.com’s Ecomarathon:


Shell.com’s Ecomarathon 2003 Results: 

(Shell has removed this link from their website.  Fortunately I saved a copy locally.  Please save this link and redistribute

"The history of the Shell Eco-Marathon stretches back over 50 years. It originated at Shell's research lab in Illinois, US, with friendly wagers between fellow scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from their vehicles. From these humble origins, where the winner scarcely achieved 50MPG, more organized competitions evolved. 

In 1977, Shell organized the first competition at Mallory Park essentially for student teams. In 1978 the competition grew further and an open class was introduced.

 Over the years, the fuel economy record has been rapidly improved. The most recent record was set at the 2003 event by team Microjoule from St Sebastien/Loire in France. They achieved a fuel consumption figure of 10,705 miles per gallon - beating the previous record set by the same team in 2001 by nearly 500 mpg."




 Do you offer electronic downloads of your books?





Do I need to buy all twelve books to build a UFO craft?

No.  Reading the full series will increase your overall knowledge, but the knowledge to build individual and unique UFO craft is contained within each individual volume.




Luke Fortune can be contacted by email at author @ ufohowto . com.



If you choose to copy any material from this website, please DO show the URL link (i.e. www.ufohowto.com) back to this site!  The author does not mind sharing the information posted here, but only if proper credit is provided.  This website and book series are the result of 20 years of the author's research!





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