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This news article was released in 2008, but is worth repeating. 

It is called "Full Disclosure: UFOs No Longer Unidentified" but could just as easily be called "Historical UFOs and Religion."

Full Disclosure: UFOs No Longer Unidentified

By Luke Fortune     Page 1 of 1 page(s)

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Texas UFOs.  The Cascade Mountain range of Washington State.  Mexico city.  Peru.  Virtually every major UFO hotspot that has entered the internet mainstream and the television media all have one thing in common:  video, photo and eyewitness testimony of flying objects doing amazing things in the sky.

There exists in the mind the drive to find answers to life's mysteries.  It is a completely natural function of the brain to work at finding answers to an unknown.  Sometimes the mind will accept an illogical conclusion based on lack of information rather than accept a vacuum.  In some instances, information can be used to the advantage of those who have it over those who do not.

UFO sightings are no different. 

The tendency to rush to judgment on powerful emotional feelings tied to actually seeing these objects is a phenomena in itself, as the most likely explanation given is "it was extraterrestrial!".  And why not come to that conclusion!  These UFOs fly around our airplanes, helicopters, even our spacecraft and other known flying objects.  ET pilots are a logical conclusion under the circumstances, in spite of the best critics attempts to say otherwise.  But only because of a lack of knowledge of the greater picture.

Ancient texts considered "religious" are filled with tales of interaction with "those from Heaven sent".  These can reasonably be viewed as records of a highly advanced race of beings and their interaction and possible creation or manipulation of the human species, a race obviously less technologically advanced at that time.  See the Temple of Ea in Sumeria (now Iraq) as an example (Where else do you see a creator god making the race of man in a beaker, associated with the double helix, in ancient stone reliefs?).

In modern times, we can see clear evidence that this is a possible explanation in what's become known as "cargo cult" mentality.  The following is extracted from Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult ): 

The most widely known period of cargo cult activity, however, was in the years during and after World War II. First the Japanese arrived with a great deal of unknown equipment and later member countries of the Allies also used the islands in the same way. The vast amounts of war matériel that were airdropped onto these islands during the Pacific campaign against the Empire of Japan necessarily meant drastic changes to the lifestyle of the islanders, many of whom had never seen Westerners or Japanese before. Manufactured clothing, medicine, canned food, tents, weapons, and other useful goods arrived in vast quantities to equip soldiers. Some of it was shared with the islanders who were their guides and hosts. With the end of the war the airbases were abandoned, and "cargo" was no longer being dropped.

In attempts to get cargo to fall by parachute or land in planes or ships again, islanders imitated the same practices they had seen the soldiers, sailors, and airmen use. They carved headphones from wood and wore them while sitting in fabricated control towers. They waved the landing signals while standing on the runways. They lit signal fires and torches to light up runways and lighthouses. The cult members thought that the foreigners had some special connection to the deities and ancestors of the natives, who were the only beings powerful enough to produce such riches.

In a form of sympathetic magic, many built life-size replicas of airplanes out of straw and created new military-style landing strips, hoping to attract more airplanes. Ultimately, although these practices did not bring about the return of the airplanes that brought such marvelous cargo during the war, they did have the effect of eradicating the most of the religious practices that had existed prior to the war.

Over the last seventy-five years most cargo cults have disappeared. Yet, the John Frum cult is still active on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu.

If we can for a brief moment set aside all theories of who the pilots of today's UFO craft are, we can then focus on the actual flying objects themselves.  Some have done this.  Many in the study of UFOs and their technology choose to focus on power and propulsion systems rather than the speculation about the UFO phenomenon. 

Yet, even with that brief moment of suspending all preconceived ideas about modern UFOs, there still exists the presumption that only humans with advanced degrees in the highest levels of physics and engineering working in top secret, or extraterrestrials are can build these craft.  That groundless presumption is proving to be a major obstacle to overcome and shows humanity as a whole is gripped in "cargo cult" mentality over this technology. 

The simple principles upon which UFOs fly is a known concept, but it is not often spoken of in physics. 

The hundred years of UFO patents unearthed and published show a repetition of the same craft being built upon the same principle patented [erroneously] again and again.  The principles are not difficult to understand.

In our opinion, until people become aware that UFO craft and the technology used to power up and fly them have been built, patented and are within the grasp of the public, humanity will not progress beyond the cargo cult stage.  Global wars over precious resources and the resulting pollution and destruction to the environment will continue and increase.  Disease and death tolls in humanity will increase.  Animal, plant and insect species will continue to go extinct.

This technology has somehow managed to slip under the radar of virtually every UFO researcher.  We do not have to wait for official government disclosure.  They did it through granting the patents applied for and have done so for the last 100 years as the technology progressed! 

Team Fortune is taking the lead in full UFO disclosure to the general public by introducing public domain technology found at the patent office.  We have produced over 6500 pages of proof that man has had the ability to build UFO craft, in replicable form, over the last 100 years.  This disclosure effort includes: 




The ten dollar book, "The Basics," by Luke Fortune, includes a patent entitled "Method and means for producing perpetual motion with high power."  This could be adjusted to power a home, run your car, etc. And this is just one that make up the more than three thousand pages of patented technology.

In the quest to produce a free energy device (over unity or "OU"), the most viable and easily understood of such devices are the "collapsing field" technologies.

A simplified explanation is as follows:

In any kind of transformer, electricity is transferred between the two coils by the magnetic field.  When a coil is initially powered up or switched off, that coil creates a magnetic field which causes an initial rush of electricity, usually called a 'voltage spike.'  In conventional electronics, this voltage spike is suppressed to protect the other components from damage.  In collapsing field technology (CFT), that voltage spike is harnessed, not suppressed.  Many researchers achieved documented and replicable results of 5% to 10% over unity (1.05 to 1.1 OU, or also described as 105% to 110% return of electricity in the transfer). 


Patented technology exists that exploits this principle, as well as technology that allows for a recovery of 99.9% of "used" electricity in any circuit.  But mankind will not progress to a state of global advancement by staying in their homes and generating or recycling electricity.  Only by incorporation of these exotic propulsion systems into current shipping and travel industries will global progress occur.

We truly believe that the public wants to know about the crafts, so producing educational material has been a priority.  The obstacle is exposure.

As far as people having the wherewithal to build a "UFO" vehicle,  if you can design and build a tesla coil, you could design and build such a craft.  That there are 100 years of patents on electrogravitic craft is mere testimony to the fact that people don't understand the principle -- it is the same patent recurring over and over espousing the same principle over and over. 

At Team Fortune, we are still attempting to frame the explanation of this principle in a manner that reaches people and is easily understood.  Our goal is to be able to fund a research facility that addresses these issues.  We believe that they are intertwined in the prospect of improving the quality of life for all people.

Another real obstacle facing the integration of these technologies into the current paradigm is that those who are financially invested in the current system have no desire to let these lofty ideals deprive them of their profit margins.  How do we make such changes?  Can we? 

For instance, the claim that petroleum resources are depleting may exist simply for the purpose of driving oil prices up.  In 2003, MicroJoule won the Shell Ecomarathon getting 10,291 miles on one gallon gas.    In 1984 Kure Tekko of Japan got in the Guinness book of world records getting over 5,000 miles on one gallon of gas, and two years later Americans beat that record by over 1,000 miles more. 

Why hasn't that technology been implemented?

MUFON and other UFO groups report record numbers of UFO sightings, and these reports are coming from all over the world.  The UFO How-to series documents patents from the US, Canada, Britain, and France, but that limit is only because of size and space limitations in the books.  These UFO patents are found in the patent office records of Italy, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Russia...

This technology isn't new and it is ERUPTING globally.  The question is will American corporations step up to the plate, or will America be left behind because the current structure that is designed to protect the investments in the old and antiquated technologies?

Here are 5 excerpts from 5 patents from 5 of the books [Each book is 99% UFO patents]:

1) The Flying Saucer is a vertical take off and landing vehicle for space flight. The vehicle comprises a metal sphere rotating around a hub to which are affixed four magnetic coils in a circle equidistantly with a fifth coil at the center which is surrounded by a hollow circular glass tube filled with rubidium gas, tube and magnets with axes vertical The inner wall of the tube is made of more dense glass with a phosphor coating, and the top of the tube has a less dense glass outer coating on top of the more dense glass. When an electric motor rotates a vertical column, supported by a bearing at the center of the hub which is attached to the top and bottom of the sphere, the metal sphere rotating around the magnetic coils causes a continuous buildup of electric charge on the sphere and magnetic field, which heats and excites the rubidium gas in the tube so it interacts with the phosphor layer to produce light which is slowed down by the hot rubidium gas; causing a radial Einstein time change over distance, causing increased centrifugal force radially, causing acceleration of sphere rotation, resulting in more mechanical energy than needed to produce the slowed light by the previously mentioned process, with excess energy turning the electric motor as a generator to charge the battery.

2) The present invention relates in general to craft propelled by magnetohydrodynamic effects and methods of propulsion and control thereof, and more particularly to heavier-than-air craft which are propelled by interaction Of magnetic fields upon electrically conductive fluids such as plasma, surrounding the craft.

3) The present invention relates to conversion of energy, and in particular to the use of electrical potentials for producing forces to cause motion of a structure by direct operation of electric fields, thus providing a thrust sufficient for propelling a vehicle.

4) This invention relates generally to propulsion devices, and more particularly to a propulsion device based on plasma acceleration principles and adapted for use in a space environment.

5) The invention relates to the use of the collision of matter and antimatter as a means of propulsion in a spacecraft, to the control system for said engine and to a block diagram of the connections for same, in which all of the functions are divided into modules.

See 45 more excerpts at:


Please visit the website, www.ufohowto.com.  Buy the books.  Join the email list.  We are looking for business owners, investors and other community leaders interested in this technology.  Please contact us today to learn more about our economic prospectus plan.

Team Fortune invites all of humanity to join us in our quest to reach to the stars and build a better tomorrow for our children and planet.




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The Next Great Economic Expansion Is Happening Now


My Friends,


Richard Branson was so panicked about the below listed press release, he ordered his own emergency press release despite the fact that his company isn't planned to be ready until late 2011.  {http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22/20091207/tts-uk-space-business-ca02f96.html}


Progress is happening.  Five engineers have signed on for the building project.  Land has been donated to build the workspace.  Filmmakers are on standby to make a documentary of the building process.  A grant proposal is in the works to the Economic Development Administration.  People have started making cash donations.


The government approved public charity to develop UFO technology is underway.


Imagine a tomorrow where instead of your usual humdrum job, you, and the Average Joe, were flying about the planet at thousands of miles per hour without danger, hauling cargo or people.  The Average Joe can build a flying craft for about the cost of a car.  Instead of driving a taxi, Average Joe flies people all over the planet, all over the solar system.  The cruise industries find great profits in tours around the moon and the outer giants. Resources need no longer be in short supply as mining the asteroid belt becomes a commonplace event.  Shooting galleries can be opened in the Kuiper Belt.  Oil prospecting on Jupiter's moons could likewise easily be achieved.  The open use of these technologies will repair the global economy by opening the next great economic growth. Space tourism can become a reality in a much shorter time, as people who aren't millionaires realize they can build these devices and cash in on the space tourism trade.  You can become wealthy by taking part in the next great economic expansion.


For you, for all of us, science fiction will become science fact


Current, and retired, aerospace engineers, some involved with "black operations" have been consulted for this project.  It is acknowledged by these engineers that a repository of over 50 years of research data was their source material database of knowledge in UFO research and development in their employ with their respective aerospace companies.


Technology exists that can repair and rebuild the economy on both the national (United States) and global scales.  Exotic Propulsion Systems are methods of transport that far exceed the abilities of the currently used methods of travel and transport. For the last century, these methods have been available, but have been hidden beneath a mountain of paperwork and filing numbers.


George Noory called them "very interesting stuff.  There is a ton of material."

Michael Knight of Earth Change Report said "They are fascinating... You might be surprised to learn that many of the drawings ... depict craft that you would think come straight out of movies like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  However, unlike Hollywood, we are not mixing fact and fiction here."


6,500 pages of complete patents of these craft have been compiled by Luke Fortune and made available in book format at www.ufohowto.com.  Come to the website and see the free E-book.  Come to www.ufohowto.com and see explanatory videos.  Come to the website and see the other free downloads available at the site, including interviews, patents and more.


Exotic Propulsion craft (formerly called "UFO's") are capable of speeds of thousands of miles per hour.  Pilots and cargo are shielded from gravity and inertia. Right angle or sharper maneuvers are can be made without danger of damage to cargo or pilot by the exposure to G-forces. This is a patented fact that has been scientifically proven since the early 1970s.  G-forces are simply not a factor with this shielding.


Since these craft are capable of circling the globe in under an hour, of hovering, and landing anywhere [whether air strips are present or not], the ability to transport needed supplies, people, and/or cargo instantly to anywhere upon the globe becomes a reality.


Fresh foods can be brought anywhere on the globe in mere minutes.  Imagine eating a meal with lobster from Maine, caught fresh that morning, with Irish potatoes, not 120 minutes out of the earth from Ireland, with pineapple from Hawaii, picked not an hour before, and drinking coffee from Ethiopia, picked, roasted and delivered within two hours.  This could be the reality of today, with technology that we've had for many yesterdays.


Starvation can be eliminated, as food and clean water can be transported anywhere.


The threat of overpopulation can be stopped, as the technology to create lunar bases and settlements in other locations of the solar system, technology already in our possession, can be manufactured. Transport and shipment of supplies between these settlements and the Earth will be possible because the speeds achieved are far in excess of rocket technologies.


Now that the Cold War is over, oil reserves are reaching critical shortage levels and the earth is suffering from global warming, there is no reason for anyone to be opposed to publicly using technology that:

1) Produces no greenhouse gases;

2) Is not subject to the chaotic forces of changing weather conditions;

3) Can fly with the certainty and speed that will shorten flight times from hours to minutes, and replace time from days to minutes in global shipping;

4) Is capable of hovering and maneuverability that make it possible to transport urgently needed supplies to anywhere on the globe, regardless of elevation, landscape, or availability of airstrips;

5) Will increase profitability many times over.


Exotic Propulsion technology can be the fix that the globe needs. These exotic propulsion systems are almost all public domain material; their use can increase commerce and profit margins without a lot of money up front. At www.ufohowto.com, you can see the explanation of how this is possible in easy to understand video.  In the greater picture, making quality of life better for all can be had by expanding the speed and efficiency of current transport.


The author has brought this message to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSN, NPR, Larry King, Oprah, and every news source or media distribution center conceivable. 


Now, he is bringing this information directly to the people, in grass roots effort.  Please share this information with your friends, acquaintances, and families. 


The next great economic boon exists in these flying craft.  Who has tried to convince you that this is out of your reach?  Who tells you it’s not possible because it’s extra-terrestrial?  It is possible; it is a reality.  UFO technology can be yours.  It is the solution to the global woes and the means to make the space age happen that we have been promised since we were kids.


These flying craft can be powered by green technologies.  Four books have been compiled by the author just on these various power systems.  See www.ufohowto.com ands its pages on fission, fusion, antimatter, hydrogen, permanent magnet and other esoteric power systems.


The author is so committed to bringing this technology to the public.  He has started a Trust to build a UFO from the patents in his books with full public disclosure.  It is called "The UFO How-To Scientific Development Trust," and the results can be seen at https://www.ufohowto.com/Trust.htm.  People can make tax deductible donations to this project, as the IRS has declared the Trust to be a 501(c)(3) public charity.  The first prototype can be built for less than $60,000 in materials.  Once mass production sets in, there is no reason that people couldn’t purchase these craft for the cost of an automobile or less.


Please alert your friends and families.  Forward this information to them.  Everyone you know deserves to see this.  Let's bring about the world of tomorrow.  We've been promised the world of the Jetsons, of Star Trek, of the 21st century; let's make it happen.  Forward this email.  Tell people.  Get the message out.  We deserve a better today and a better tomorrow.  By telling others about www.ufohowto.com, you are making a HUGE contribution by the simple action of passing along the email.  By doing this, by donating to the Trust, or by getting the books, you are part of an exclusive, world changing group of people that ARE making a difference.


Thank you,

Luke Fortune and the

Members of Team Fortune

Luke Fortune is a certified paralegal and began investigating the UFO phenomenon in approximately 1997. After having a clear viewing of a plasma propulsion craft, he began researching the archives of the US patent office, and of other countries patent offices, to try and locate UFO technology. His searches over the next ten years led to the accumulation of all the data, and more, that would become the UFO How-To series. Each book in this six volume series is over 500 pages in length, 99% of the content are complete patents, with a recent addition of a primer volume at 118 pages, "The Basics," designed to simplify the understanding of the encyclopedic series, and make the science of UFO propulsion systems comprehensible to the average person.











Why I wrote these Books




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